Our Story

From Secure Data Storage Solutions to Secure Blockchain as a Service

Bitbank is a security FinTech startup Incorporated in August 2015.
Bitbank was distinguished by the Fit4Start program of the Luxembourg government in October 2015.

Bitbank's business model is B2B2C, with 2 products using the same underlying technology:
secure storage and blockchain.

  • VTChain is a ground-breaking blockchain product conceived as an integral part of a secure banking platform. VTChain is aimed at banks and financial institutions, having been conceived as a "Blockchain-as-a-Service" (BaaS).
  • Merkkur.io is a secure cloud storage service, easy to use, blockchain-enabled, aimed at SMEs.
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Our team brings decades of industry expertise in cybersecurity, software developments programs and entrepreneurship spirit.

We aim to be part of the Blockchain-as-a-service paradigm change by contributing with cyber-security and bring our products and services into the market unlocking the full potential of our vision.